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From the hands of Marco Giacobbe

“With PROFILE, I wanted to represent the creative power of stories, the images they generate in our minds and the uniqueness of each of our interpretations. The collection unites past and present, starting with Egyptian profile figures to the current concept of social media profile pictures. PROFILE celebrates the beauty of diversity, of being the same and completely different at the same time. If you mingle all the ingredients of personality and aesthetics you will never get the same result. PROFILE looks at this philosophy and makes that it’s core value." - Marco Giacobbe

Marco Giacobbe is a major and upcoming Italian artist and the lead graphic designer of the PROFILE project. For the last 4 years, he has been working alongside multinational entertainment and retail conglomerate franchises such as Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal, Red Bull, and Adidas. Coming from an artistic family, and living the street art scene in Milan since the age of 13, Marco has been developing a peculiar and sophisticated style that empowers him to set trends in the Italian graphic design scene.



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PROFILE is a project orchestrated by Soltype, #thenewpress. Crafted by the talented and expert designer Marco Giacobbe, PROFILE represents the synergy between the world of literature and digital ownership. By merging literature classics with digital collectibles, PROFILE minters become pioneers of literature in the NFT space.

What is the supply of PROFILE?

The collection is composed of 1,468 generative NFTs. The supply number was chosen in honor of the year the Printing Press changed the history of the written word.

Why minting a PROFILE?

When minting a PROFILE, you not only own a digital collectible but also gain access to the forefront of evolution in the literature industry and NFT space. You will be rewarded with an airdrop of $STYPE, Soltype’s native token and you will be featured as an Ambassador on the homepage of Soltype’s marketplace.

What is the mint price?

The mint price is 1 SOL plus gas.

How many can I mint per wallet?

The public sale is open and there’s no limit to how many PROFILES can be minted per wallet.